Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Immersion Assembly Term 4 2015

Today I had to write some paragraphs all about Immersion Assembly. I have written some paragraphs to show you what we have done on the first day back of school. I hope you really enjoy my paragraphs and please leave a comment.

Firstly team one was up, they are learning all about animals. Throughout the term, team one will be visiting the zoo to experience all of the animals at the zoo. They also had a karaoke, the team 1 teachers were picking students to stand on the stage and they had to sing Roar. Miss George pointed at them and they had to sing. Everyone was awesome at singing but there could be only 1 winner and that winner was Marika, she won a free trip to the zoo.

Finally it was team fives turn to do their item. They had a eating challenge with noodles and chopsticks, all of the team five teachers were involved except for Mr Wiseman because he was saying the script. When Mr Wiseman said “go” everybody starting eating like pigs with chopsticks. Miss Clark was stuffing her mouth with noodles she ate all of the noodles on her plate. Miss Clark won the immunity idol and all of the other contestants got jealous of her winning.

My highlight from the Immersion Assembly was team fives item because it was all about survivor and that all of the team 5 teachers participated in the item. I also liked that it was cool and funny that all of the teachers tried their best.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Riverside Camp 2015

What did you do during the holidays?

During the first week of the holiday's, I went to willow park with the riverside club. It was on a sunny Monday morning. 

As all the riverside students came to the school, we waited and waited for more people to come. When every one was there, Mr Burt and other people had to check our name off the list so we could be confirmed that we were there. When everyone was there we said the karakia and said my to our family.

When the bus arrived we had to load some gear under the bus because there was not enough room for all the bags. We hopped on the bus and then we headed of to willow park, as we were getting there my bus was nice and quiet. 

Then we had to unload the things into the Rimu room. We got into groups and took our gear up to our rooms. My room was so small,  it didn't have a window and it was really dark inside.

On the very last day is was really sad to pack up our stuff and leave it was really awesome there, many people missed their parents and other family siblings. But it was really good to say we came in second place for teams.

My highlight was that we got to play supper spotlight and it was really cool meeting new people who came in and out of willow park and it was really nice to see the willow park members again.