Monday, 10 September 2018

The Darkside Of Chocolate

During the session of Social Studies with Miss Gordon, we learnt about The Darkside about chocolate. We watched a documentary about what really happens with producing cocoa beans. It was really sad to see what has happened during the documentary we watched. So a team of journalists investigate human trafficking and child labour in the Ivory Coast and it rebounds on the worldwide chocolate industry's. They use hidden cameras to have proof of what they question people and to see who they really are.

The issue going on during the documentary we watched is that people (mostly men) are apart of child labour, or as you know child trafficking. Men are going to different parts of Africa, mostly Ivory Coast at the bus station, they take children aged from 7 to 16 to work for them during the harvest. Companies take children to work for them to make more money. This issue is affecting the children and families because the children need education for more life skills.

Different perspectives on this issue are that the team of investigators what to find out why people are taking children to work for them and they want to make a stand to stop child trafficking. This one man saved around 150 children from being abducted by men, around 40 or more were boys and 37 were girls. Children's rights are being taken away. They are forced into slave labour.

My opinion on this issue is that they don't have the rights to be forced as slaves for the companies. They should not take kids from the bus stops, because it is illegal and because it is not right to take other peoples children without their adult's consent.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

This Is My story

What do I want New Zealand to be like and how can we achieve it.

In each country, thousands of people are suffering from something violence and many more things. I am here to tell you what I want New Zealand to look like and how we can achieve it. Kia Orana, Fakalofa lahi atu and greetings to you all. My name is Ashley Munu, I am 14 years of age and I am a year 10 student attending Tamaki College.

The time for change is now. Lives for purpose or lives with greater meanings. On the other hand, I hear people talking about fear. They say I really wanna start a life with purpose but I just don't know where to start. Your job doesn't have to be perfect, your life doesn't have to be perfect. Change can mean a lot of different meanings. Change is always hard at first, messy in the middle, but always gorgeous at the end. Anything that I learnt at school is kept well in my brain, there's always this quote running through my head, "You don't change for other people, you change yourself to the standards you want". Many things happen online and reality, right? This means I want New Zealand to look and feel like a better community and a better living for younger generations. The world is like a life lesson, but you only have one life to live before you leave the world behind. People intend to leave this world early but they don't know what they are going to miss out on. I intend to help people around with problems, or whatever they need.

There would never be a time in life when you have to do something good. If you wait for the perfect perfect perfect time it will never happen. You have to create the perfect time and the perfect opportunity and the perfect situation. People stop growing, they start to get comfortable they start to realise that they are getting satisfied. You will never grow if you don't try, you should never give up on something that you have always dreamed of doing. Don't give up, you can do it If you can do it everyone else can do it.Here in New Zealand, we love to talk about our country, the things that make us a Unique, rugby loving beautiful diverse nature. We are so rich in culture and the people here are just awesome. We love to talk about what makes us great, but for such a great country there's a lot left unsaid.

If you dream it, you can do it. Today I got asked what would my dream look like for the future. I had to think for a while, then I quickly snapped. I want to be a Lawyer in the future. In the future, I would like to have a job that helps me improve in all my workings and to financially help with my family by giving back to them for helping me out. In order to reach my plan for the future, I have to study hard to qualify and to get better grades in my school work. I have been motivated by my siblings and family members, to decide my future careers wisely. In the end, Time is what we want most. But what we use worst. Time is going ahead if you don't value time you are going to regret everything later on in life. Steps of life, they are just baby steps to the future. Time and life go fast, so each day you would have to cherish every moment even if its bad or good, you just have to smile and keep moving forward.

This is what I want New Zealand to look like, I want it to look like a beautiful country again to everybody. These are just some of my perspectives on what New Zealand looks like, and everybody around the world to focus on their goals and dream big that's all I'm saying. Im saying our country is Beautiful and will always be Beautiful.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Polyfest Reflection 2018

I recently performed at Poly fest for the first time in the Niuean group at Tamaki college. It was a really beautiful experience to have performed with the other members and students in the school. At first, I was really scared to perform in front of a lot of people, but I got used to it while performing in front of all of the families at fia fia night. My heart started beating faster than the beat of our dance, it was like I was gonna faint.
As soon as I hit the stage everything zoned out of my head, all I could hear was people cheering for our group and for many people in our group. The experience I had with everyone on Polyfest was a day to remember because that was a day where we all got to represent our culture also to all the people that weren't Niuean but still performed and repped our culture was really cool to see.
The bond we all had before the Niuean group was not good, but after we all started getting closer our bond started to grow bigger and we all started to come together as one and we all became friends. Even if it was my first time performing and representing Tamaki College it was a great opportunity to see what it was going to look like in the future when I join again.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Food tech 2018

 On our first week of food tech, we made multicoloured cupcakes. It wasn't the best for me, but at least I got to bake it for the first time and it looked good. Next time if I had the chance to make these I would love to bake them better and to make sure they are cooked properly. Preparing all the ingredients, and making it to the right measurements for the cupcake liners was hard a bit for me because it was hard to get them al the same size. But at the end of the day, they were kind of nice.
The second week of food tech, we got to back Peach cobbler. It was a cinnamon cake with peaches on top. It had no flavour to it on the inside, but it was nice and crispy on the outside. For me I would like to make this again but nicer and more presentable to the audience. I would like to do this again for special occasions when it is the right times for this cake.

Last of all, we got to make macaroni salad. This was so delicious to me, because it had a lot of flavour to it, and it was the first time making this in our group, next time I would just make the pasta properly.

Monday, 5 February 2018

Social Studies Goal

My goal for 2018 Social studies would be, me to focus on my school work and to finish all of my work on time, to the standards of the teacher.  That means I have to stay on task all the time, & to accomplish more. Other reasons why I should try at least finish all my work on time is so I could aim higher than my results already are meaning I would like to get at least one or more excellence's for each class. For me to achieve this I should sit next to the right people, so I don’t get distracted. Also I should
focus on myself, so self management, meaning I should do my own work not any others.

  • Always to be on time.
  • To be on task.
  • Not get distracted from others.
  • Listen to the teacher to finish on time.
  • Be engaged.
  • Adding more information to my stories to make it interesting.
  • For me to get a better grade higher than achieve.

Thursday, 11 January 2018


My 5 dreams to succeed!!

My 5 dreams could rule the world someday. What I’m about to write to the world is my five dream plans. I know some might happen and some might not, but if I accomplish one of my dreams that would be amazing. I’ve learnt from my failures and carried on to the best, today i’m dreaming big. My imagination is going all out on my dreams. This is what I am dreaming on to be right now, I am going to aim for that goal to try and achieve it, even if I might not like it enough that I think it is, I'm still going to give it a go. Because the 5 year old me wanted to become a traveler, so i'm going to become one before I judge it on my opinion.

My first dream would be to become a traveler, and to go around the world and explore new and different things. By being a traveler I would like to learn different cultures, meaning trying their language out, what they would eat, what they wear. For example Indian people have a lot of different types of things to us New Zealanders, like their Henna, it’s like having a beautiful piece of artwork on your hand like a tattoo but in their culture, see what I mean I've learnt something new already.

Number two. My second dream is to become a counselor. Do you know why? Well let me tell you some reasons why I would love to become a counselor. I would like to be a trustful person to younger generations, so they have someone to speak to about their problems, or if they need help with something. I would be that responsible person to help these young kids, young generations get through their schooling without any problems happening around the environment or in their homes. I would love to see more students and children around happy, because they deserve to be happy.

Toru, (Number 3.) I would love to make my parents proud, not because I have to, but I want to. I love my parents so much, I would do anything for them. You know what I could make my parents proud of me for. Well I can make them proud of me by being the first person in my family to graduate school and college. I want to be the first one who goes to school everyday and not miss once. I want to be the good child in the family, I want to be good like my parents say I am. I want to achieve all my goals so I can move forward, to the future and make the best of it.

Number 4. If I dont succeed in my 1st, 2nd and 3rd dream I would always go for my next dream. That dream is helping people in need, meaning homeless people, if people need help with medical care and all that. I would love to help them out by giving back. Some elders on the streets should not be where they are now, because if I look at the elders on the street, I think to myself where are all the grand kids, or kids to the elders. Why aren’t they helping them out with just a little bit, they don’t need that much all they might ask for is a few change to get them back on their feet again. So I would love to be a charity supporter for homeless people.

Fifth and final dream is to be free while i’m young. I would want to run free like cheetahs, Jump like kangaroos again and Swim like dolphins. I want to be a kid again, I want to be a child that could still do those things, but no i’m stuck in college for 3 more years, so I should make the most of it now, while i’m youngish. I would want to go places in Auckland before I head out to further places in Nz, I would want to go camping in the forests some place, I want to be trusted, so I can go out places. I just want to be the silly, shy, crazy goofy old me again. This is what I call me !! YOUNG, WILD & FREE!!