Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Live Life Until The Fullest 2017

Hold on to what you have right now. My Inspiration was from today, 2017 is a new year, and I need everyone to see the ending of this year. I have put together these paragraphs to show you what you can do. Follow these and you will be amazed on how much you have missed throughout your lives. Believe You Can Do It, If You Dream, "DREAM BIG". Live Life Until The Fullest If Not You Aint Gonna Get It Back.

Hold on to what you have right now because it might never be yours again. Why i’m saying this is because some people in the world struggle with things in their lives. One minute you have everything to the next minute you might have nothing. 

Not everybody in the world can be perfect, but if you think you are perfect then you are perfect. Everybody's perfect in their own ways. You might have something that others don’t have, but it shouldn't be important to show off in front of others who don’t have it.

Never allow someone to tell you your not good enough, if they do ignore them your amazing. Let your smile change the world, not the world change your smile. If people don’t like you for you, their just jealous of what you have, and that they don’t. 

Never allow someone to step all over you, or else they will think it’s all right to do that. Only you can change your life not no one else. If you change your life, change it to the best life you have ever had. If you smile in the mirror you will see a massive difference in your life. Smiles aren't a living, but they are your destiny.

You do you for you, no matter what other people think of you, just do it. Don’t think just do it, and people will love the real you. No matter how weird you are, they will love your smile. I've never met a strong person with an easy past, be proud of your scars and that you are still standing. 

Never be ashamed of who you are, because you are perfect. Keep your life, it is worth having. Once you give your life up you will never get it back again. Music is love, love is music, music is life, and I love my life. Thank you and Goodnight. Just remember live life till the fullest.

Monday, 21 August 2017

If I were prime minister for a day…

If I were prime minister for a day…
If I was a prime minister for a day I would go out, and buy me stuff, like food and clothing and that, also I would take my friends out for the day. I would change letting parents always signing letters with their signature on it, because some students could be all grown up and your parents are still signing your things. 
Down Below it shows who works for who. 
  1. What is the name of the speaker of the house?
David Carter
2.  How many seats do each of these parties have?
  • National
  • Labour
  • Green Party
  • NZ First
  • Maori Party
  • Act
  • United Future
3.  Find our Prime Minister Bill English.  Click on his parliamentary biography.

What was date he was first elected?  
He was first elected on the 27 October 1990.
4.  Find Jacinda Arden in Labour and Click on her parliamentary biography.  What is her parliamentary role?
She is the leader of the opposition.
5.  What parties do these MP’s belong to?

Jonathan Young
National Partie
Nicky Wagner
Louisa Wall
Sarah Dowie
Clayton Mitchell
Marama Fox
Barry Coates
Green partie
Stuart Nash

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Food Groups

What’s the difference between these products?
BreadImage result for bread
AvocadoImage result for avocado
EggsImage result for eggs
YogurtImage result for yogurt
CheeseImage result for cheese
OatsImage result for oats
BeansImage result for beans
NutsImage result for nuts
MilkImage result for milk
CornImage result for corn
Mc DonaldsImage result for mcdonalds
BroccoliImage result for broccoli
RiceImage result for rice
KFCImage result for kfc
Greek YogurtImage result for greek yogurt

The difference between these foods are, Carbohydrates include sugars like table sugar or fruit sugar. And Each source of protein contains different amounts of fat or carbohydrate in adding to containing protein. Fats come from the oils in vegetables, nuts, seeds, and from the fat in animals.

Anything that is sweet is in the Carbohydrate’s section. Anything that is fried or anything like that is in the Fats. Proteins, in that section you have all healthy foods you could eat.

Monday, 31 July 2017

Generic Migrant 2017

In term two I conducted a Social inquiry on Migration. My Social inquiry focussed on the movement of migrants from Cambodia to New Zealand. One of the push reasons why Cambodian  people left their country of Origin was because they were evacuated, from their country, cities and towns. They were evacuated from their country, because  Pol Pot led the Communist forces of the Khmer Rouge into the capital city of Phnom Penh, beginning a vicious four-year regime in Cambodia. Also another push reason was that many Cambodian people died from starvation and exhaustion because they had no food to eat or drink.

The pull reasons why they moved to New Zealand was because there was nothing left for them in their own country. They came to New Zealand because for them New Zealand is a safe country for them. Another pull reason was that many of them were getting executed. It is good that they left their country because they were saving their own lives. I think all of the cambodian people would enjoy their time in New Zealand while they are here.

Some of the obstacles they faced were finding friends in New Zealand. Some Cambodians also didn’t have anywhere to go, so it was hard for them to find somewhere to stay. Also they didn’t know what to use, like their mobile phones. It was also a struggle for them to understand the language, and understand what they actually mean. That some Cambodian people didn’t understand or didn’t know how to speak the language.

My Personal Perspective is that New Zealand is a overwhelmingly place to be, it’s safe here in New Zealand well most of the time and heaps of people are dying in their country, so it’s best for them to stay in New Zealand.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Year 9 2K17

Camp Adair 2K17 Year 9 Family

2017 year 9 students went on an amazing cold camp, at Camp Adair Hunua Falls.

As we arrived at the YMCA Camp Adair, we separated into our groups. Every single class got a tutor to walk with through the forests. We separated of into our own ways, 9KJS was our class. It was on, climbing through branches, twigs and everything else in the bush, with our carves and every part of our body's aching. People were getting tired really fast, up the giant hills we went. It felt like we were going slip and sliding because we kept falling and slipping over.

My Highlights from this year 9 stars camp, was getting to know more year 9 students better, and also I got to hang out with my friend's and we got to spend more time with each other doing the activity's.

My Favourite activity at camp was the Cargo Net because we finished early so we got to play more games, and we got to spend time with the boys and we just enjoyed getting to know them a bit better.

My favourite highlight of most all was going home, because it was really cold at Camp Adair, I was glad to come home because I got to be warm again. It felt like a was a Frozen icicle at that camp. I would of loved to stay that long, but Nah I wanted to come home. I had fun at Camp but at the same time it was a disappointment that it was only 1 night, I might as well of called it a Sleepover at Camp Adair.
The worst activity ever was the confidence course, you had to go under, over and even through things to get to the other side. You had to go through really smelly mud, over the mud and even more. You had to do more things to finish of the whole confidence course, the water was really cold it felt like ice when we finished.

But after all of that I think the year 9 students have come together as friends but more than friends as Family! We have bonded with each other and I think that we learnt alot from our two day camp. We took all of the things we have learnt back to school. We are going to show the teachers who didn't come camp what we learnt.

I think if we go to a camp for more than two days, I think we would of bonded more than friends, but as Family. Please Leave A Comment On My Blog !

These are my highlights for camp 2K17!! 

Monday, 19 June 2017

Ms Robertson Journey

Today Miss Robertson's Mum Ms Robertson, came in today and told us a short story about her journey from Samoa to New Zealand. Ms Robertson told us what she did in Samoa to get to New Zealand, Ms Robertson had to do a Interview in Samoa to get into New Zealand. The challenges she faced was speaking in English, and also she had to make new friends because she knew no one in New Zealand.

1. How many years has Ms Robertson been in NZ ? (think about what year she arrived in NZ) 1962 - 2017  she was 18 and a half years old
65 years - 73 years old

2. What sort of work did she do when she first arrived in NZ ?
She first worked at the Hospital when she arrived in New Zealand.

3. What do you remember about how Mrs Robertson was brought up by her parents ?
Had working parents, She got hidings if she didn’t do what she was told.

4. What was the main reason why Mrs Robertson was sent to NZ ?
Her dad wanted to build a pakeha house, he was thinking of his grand children overseas to come back to samoa.

5, What did she do with her first Pay packet ?
She sent it home, back to samoa. To help her family.

6.What things did she need help with  when she first came to NZ ?
Her language because she couldn’t speak english.
She had to ask a lot of questions because she didn’t understand what other people were saying, but she carried on.

7. What did you enjoy or find most interesting about Mrs Robertson story ?
How she didn’t know how to speak english, but she learnt in her own ways. She helped her family back in samoa by sending money back to her family so they could build the house.

8. What did you learn from listening to  Mrs Robertson story ? (Is there anything about her story that made you think about your own life - that you can relate to ?  any advice ...)

I learnt that you can do anything if you try and be encouraged by others, you will reach your goal, and you will get the job you want, you just need to work hard. She wanted her children to come back to New Zealand because they learnt a lot in New Zealand, she educated her kids, so they could get a better job.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Migration Model

My Migration model shows you what my migration model is. There is two differences in two countries of islands, on the left side you have differences in Tokelau and on the right side you have different things in New Zealand.

So in Tokelau there is Push reasons. There is many reasons why people would leave Tokelau. People would leave Tokelau, because of the population, the population is getting less and less. Also how there is not enough job opportunities for the students and people to work.

New Zealand, people would love to come to our country because we have a lot of things to come and see and check out. Also people from other places around the world would love to come to New Zealand because we have more technology devices to use, and our schooling goes up to year 13 before we go of to our own ways.