Tuesday, 17 December 2013

In the Holidays

Have you been to any of these trips?

In the holidays I went to the holiday program. We went to 3 trips the three trips we went to is Action world the Movies and Parakai.

Action world was so much fun because we got to go down a long fire fox it was so long that I had butterfly's in my stomach after sliding down the fire fox I couldn't get the pulley of the fire fox I was scared.

The week after on Wednesday we went to Parakai it was so fun because the water was nice and warm and even we got to go on the big water slides I wanted to go to Parakai again it was so fun sliding down the green slide it was so long, as I had reached the bottom I went down right to the bottom of the grown it was deep.

The next trip we went to was the movies it was so fun because we had watched the Croods it was so fun because we had popcorn drinks and even Ice cream I wanted to go again next year this year was so fun.

Here is my Holiday writing Please Leave a comment

Monday, 16 December 2013

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Graph Using Google Apps

Here is my presentation that I had did today it is about Using Google Apps and there is some steps to make a form.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Kiwisport Graphs

This graph shows which kiwisport the children in Room 13 liked the most.

This graph shows which kiwisport room 13 liked the least.

Monday, 9 December 2013

My Graph

Here is a graph that room 13 voted for the most trips in 2013.

Here is a graph that has the least trips in 2013.

Netbook Reflection

Here is our presentation that we had did. I hope you enjoy

Turei's Two Dollars

Today we have read Turei's Two Dollars we had to make a Google drawing presenting what happen in order. Please leave a  comment.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

What doesn't happen on a farm

Here is my presentation about what doesn't happen on a farm.


Here is my presentation about Disadvantages and Advantages.

My Reflection

Reading is the best because when you grow up you can read. My favourite book is Worms for dinner because we got to make our own menu and the book was funny.

I think writing is hard. I should be writing at the age 10 next year my goal is to get better at writing.

Maths is my favourite subject because you get to learn different thing’s like Jumping the number line, Decimals and other thing’s too.

Sports is my favorite thing to do some of the sports I played this year was Netball, Cricket, Softball and many more. I really like to play sports because you get to play other schools and you get to be out doors.

Topic is the best because you get to learn new things like what in the world is going on, Antarctica and nursery rhymes.

Elearning is the best because you get to draw and animate in hypo studio and when you are done you have to put it in I movie.

Every body was in one performance I was in the Niue group with Miss Lavakula and Miss Langitupu after we had done our performance we had to get changed quickly.


I am applying to become an ambassador because I want to learn the experience and you get to go to different places. I think that being an ambassador would help me speak louder and a clear voice. I think I have the skills to be an ambassador and I really want to be one. My skills are talking, learning and working hard . I have 139 post on my blog. My favourite thing of learning is making movies and presentations. I have been using my chrome book as a learning tool. I would be proud of myself supporting the school. Here is a great example
listen to ‘Ambassador’ on Audioboo

Monday, 2 December 2013

All about Mohua the Kiwi

Today our reading group read a book and it was about Mohua the Kiwi.