Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Winter Learning D7 A3

My Paralympic sport would be called the Human Races. There would be a mixture of sports going on. You would have a buddy next to you to help you get through all of the courses.

If you were blind you will have to use your listening skills to listen to you partner guide your way through the course. If you were in a wheel chair your partner has to help you get all of the horseshoes in a bucket and over four bumps. If you were deaf you would have a sign language person to help you get your way through the obstacles.

There would be 5 different obstacle courses for each abilities to try. There would be signs everywhere to show you and your partner where to go. Well some of the obstacle courses might look like a maze. At the top this obstacle course would be for the deaf people because it would be nice and easy.

You start at the starting line then you follow the blue arrows were ever they go. There would be a corner at the top but I didn't know how to do it so I just did that, then you will have to push or kick the ball down the hill to try and get it in the box. If you don't get it in the box then it is alright. After that you will have to climb up a wall to get to the other side, climb down the ladder across the pond and then you will follow the path after that your done.

Three Rules: 
* Finish it with happiness.
* Have a go.
* Try your best.

Winter Learning Journey D7 A1

If I were asked to compete in a tandem cycling event I would pick Emma Foy to compete with me, because she would be great, supportive and encouraging even if she is blind she would be still giving it 100%. She would be an awesome teammate by  helping me out and helping other people out.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Winter Learning Journey D5 A2

Back in 1936 a 13 year old American girl named Majorie Gestring became the youngest person ever to win an Olympic gold medal.If I was alive back then, five questions I would ask her are.

* How did you feel when you claimed a gold medal at only 13 years old.
* Were you pleased to be in the Olympics.
* If you had any advice for people that are younger than you what would it be.
* Were you very popular.
* And If were did you get your skills from your family members or you Top Idol.

Winter Learning Journey D5 A1

 From watching this Movie Eddie The Eagle, people didn't believe in Eddie when he was younger. His parents and friends new Eddie wanted to be in the Olympics but they didn't believe in him, so he gave up is dream of going to the Olympics for the Winter Olympics. People put Eddie down from his dreams but Eddie never stopped trying his best. I Think this story is about Eddie never giving up and that Eddie tries his hardest every time.

Winter Learning Journey D4 A2


Winter Learning Journey

I would like to meet Lauren Boyle because she is a really good swimmer, and because she represents Auckland throughout every competition she goes to. Even is she comes 4th or last she will still be the awesome swimmer she is. In my opinion Lauren Boyle has a chance of coming first in these Olympic games.

Holiday Writing

What I have been doing during the holidays? I have been attending a Holiday Program down at the Tamaki Rec Center. The Holiday program's name is Tamaki Pride, but after these Holidays the holiday program wouldn't be called Tamaki Pride, because it's new name is going to be Tamaki Champions.

First Day: On the first day we got to introduce ourselves by telling everyone our name. When every had a turn at saying their name, Mike said the "Prayer," and then we got into the day. But before we played games we had to warm up so everyone went for a light jog around the Gym.

After that we got straight into our games. All of the kids got split up into two groups number 1 and number 2, if you were in group one your name would of been called The Chipmunks and if you were in the other team your name would be DIC (Dot Ink Champs). 

We started playing the most common sport Tamaki Pride and that was Volley Ball, the Leaders down there help Mike and Margret to take care of us. The leaders run awesome games like Volley ball, Basket ball, Ball Tag, Octopus, Turbo Touch and such more.

My feelings: I was surprised to see a couple of new people who came down to the Tamaki Rec Center. It is going to be sad leaving Tamaki Pride behind but unless our name would be similar to it.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Winter Learning Journey D3:A3 Bonus

I will be overloaded with Excitement
I will be frightened
I will be crying in silence

I will be lifted by the audience cheering for me
It will be like picking fruit of a fruit tree
I will be like a flying Bee

It will be my highlight of the year
You guys should keep clear

It will be cool to compete in the Rio Olympics
It will be like the best statistics I've ever had

I will be Impressed about a lot of people competing from different country's
But most of all I will be the one who tried the best

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Winter Learning Journey Day 2

Winter Learning Journey Day 2#

I will be completing the bonus task for the Winter Learning Journey. I was asked to design a simple logo for the next Summer Olympic Games. The Olympic games will be held in Tokyo, Japan 2020. 

This logo at the top represents Tokyo. The flower is representing their culture and the 5 rings connected at the bottom of the Tokyo 2020 represents the Olympics.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Milo of Kroton

Image result for Milo of Kroton

Activity Number Three 2#

* Milo of Croton was a 6th century BC Greek wrestler.
The date of Milo's death is unknown.
*Among other tales, he was said to have carried a bull on his shoulders and to have burst a band about his forehead by inflating the veins of his temples.

No Girls Allowed In The Olympics

Image result for no girls allowed sign

Activity Number Two 2#

During the ancient Olympic Games, men were allowed to compete in the events but women were not. In fact, women were often forbidden from even watching the games. My opinion is that this rule is not fair to the girls. Even if they let the girls in to watch and show their sportsman ship to the competitors would be awesome.

Inquiry Rm2 2016 Flax/Harakeke

For the past 2 weeks Team 5 has been learning all about the four different wakas. These are the four teams Hokulea (Green) Hikianalia (Yellow) Te-aurere (Red) and Hinemoana (Blue). Last week every team 5 student go to fill out a form there are 5 choices Wool & Nail art with Mr Wiseman, Flax/Harakeke with Miss Clark, Crayon & Dye art with Mrs Tele'a, Sculpturing with Miss Berry and Logo design with Miss Muliaumasealii.

I am in Flax and Harakeke with Miss Clark, today we got to make a canoe out of paper and cardboard because we weren't able to make a canoe out of flax because it was raining, so we weren't able to go and pick our harakeke. The following Thursday we went to pick our Harakeke, but time ran out so the next day we got straight into making our flax canoes.

Winter Learning Journey

Winter Learning Journey

Activity Number One 1#
              Today we got to do our first activity for the Winter Learning Journey. Our first activity was to pick a sport then we had to explain why we chose that sport. The options were running, wrestling, boxing, pankration, horse racing and pentathlon. I have chosen horse racing because I love riding horses and the other reason why I chose horse racing is because, I love trying new things.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Kiwi Kids News Read Off

Today my literacy class had to finish off all of our literacy work from the past few weeks here is a presentation about Kiwi Kids News Read Off.