Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Geometry Area And Perimeter

Tamaki College Day Out

Today is the day we got to go to Tamaki College for an amazing outing. All of the Year 8 students got to go down to Tamaki College to experience classes we haven't learnt. Graphics were group A we got to go to two classes Mathematics and Social Studies.

The first class we went to was Social Studies with Mr Allison, it was our first time with him so some of us were excited. We were discussing with our peers how some of the students get to school. Some students get to school by walking because they might be closer to school, or they either got droped of by their parents because they live far.

The next class we went to was Mathematics with Mrs Dunn, Mrs Dunn is one of my favourite teachers at Tamaki College so far. I learnt at mathematics with Mrs Dunn, that you do not need to love maths or like maths but it is very good to have a try. We learnt about Expressions and Equations. An Equation has an equal sign and a Expression has no equal sign. People get mixed up with those kind of questions.

After morning tea we had Technology. Even though we stayed at Tamaki College for the whole day we got to still do Technology in our tech classes. The bell rang and all the students were laughing and yelling.

Then we had lunch, lunch was delicious because we had subway, fruit, water and a bar. Then we had English with Mr Stevenson he is very cool.

Last of to finish the day off we went to PE to play activity's and games some of the boys wanted to go out on the field to train with the year 9 boys rugby team, they also got a rugby ball to keep.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Violet Walrold

Today in our literacy class, we got to finish of our work from the past 3 weeks, I am finishing off my work and completing it to a higher standard.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Talking Points

Here is my talking points.

Tauhara Street

This week my literacy group has been reading a text called Tauhara Street. The text is about a mother and her son who were really poor, they didn't own a house, so they lived in their small car. The mother will sleep at the back and the son will sleep at the front. But the text ended out really well because the mother and son slept in a sleep out behind his teachers house.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Measurement During Maths

This week my maths class has been working on Measurment's. I have completed this task about Measurement's. During the process of finishing this presentation I got stuck and I needed help from Miss Berry. It was pretty hard for me to work out some of the equations but I got through it. I have learnt about alot of things to do with Measurement's, Measurement's could help me in the future.