Monday, 10 September 2018

The Darkside Of Chocolate

During the session of Social Studies with Miss Gordon, we learnt about The Darkside about chocolate. We watched a documentary about what really happens with producing cocoa beans. It was really sad to see what has happened during the documentary we watched. So a team of journalists investigate human trafficking and child labour in the Ivory Coast and it rebounds on the worldwide chocolate industry's. They use hidden cameras to have proof of what they question people and to see who they really are.

The issue going on during the documentary we watched is that people (mostly men) are apart of child labour, or as you know child trafficking. Men are going to different parts of Africa, mostly Ivory Coast at the bus station, they take children aged from 7 to 16 to work for them during the harvest. Companies take children to work for them to make more money. This issue is affecting the children and families because the children need education for more life skills.

Different perspectives on this issue are that the team of investigators what to find out why people are taking children to work for them and they want to make a stand to stop child trafficking. This one man saved around 150 children from being abducted by men, around 40 or more were boys and 37 were girls. Children's rights are being taken away. They are forced into slave labour.

My opinion on this issue is that they don't have the rights to be forced as slaves for the companies. They should not take kids from the bus stops, because it is illegal and because it is not right to take other peoples children without their adult's consent.

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  1. This is very well written Ashley, and you have really thought about the issue and your point of view. I like the way you have given reasons for your point of view, and backed up with evidence. A very compelling piece of writing.