Wednesday, 30 July 2014

My animation about Shot Put

In my reading group we got to read a book about Shot Put. The character in this book was Lauren, one day she was walking  to school and she spotted a Shot Put team. The members in the shot put club were taller than Lauren, Lauren was the smallest.

Shot Put had started in 1896 and held in the Summer Olympics. I hope you enjoy my movie and please leave a comment

Thursday, 24 July 2014

My Running Investigation

I estimated my pace will be 86 cm but it was shorter than I thought. But it was actually 95 cm.

My Holiday Highlight

Have you been on the new ride at Rainbows End?

During the school holidays I went to Rainbows End with my cousins and my family. We went on a Tuesday morning, and we got to go on the new ride it was called the stratosphere it was so scary because it was so high and it was swinging everywhere.

As we got on the ride I was shaking I was so terrified to get on the ride. When the ride went higher and higher it started to move slowly then really fast, it felt like I was going to be sick. When the ride went lower we were so dizzy.

The next thing we did was when we walked into a dark little room. As the lights turned on the parents and some other people yelled “Happy Birthday”. After that we sang happy birthday to my little cousin. When we bit into the cake it was delicious it was a spider man cake.

After the cake and games we got to go on one more ride then it was about to close. The ride we went on was the log flume we had to wait in a long line before we got our turn, finally it was our turn to go on as we got on the log it was moving everywhere. When we went through all the tunnels it was dark and cool as we went through the last tunnel we went fast down the ramp I got wet.

I would like to go on the log flume and the stratosphere again. That was the best birthday party ever. I wish I could go to Rainbows End for my birthday.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

My Pace

Today we got to do another experiment about paces. I thought my pace will be about 89 cm but it was more. It was shorter, but it was only about 100 cm. Here is what I found out.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

My and Juliet Investigation

After lunch we got to do a investigation. It was all about measurement and our skills. My buddy was Juliet. I hope you learn something from me.

Strategy 1 : String   Shoulder to Shoulder 44 inch / Knee to Foot 44 Inch    
Strategy 2 :  Hand   Finger to Hand 17 cm / Fingernail to wrist  7 Inch
Strategy 3 : Measuring tape Fingertip to Fingertip 151cm/ Head to Toe 151cm

Strategy 1
Strategy 2
Strategy 3
Can you complete it in the time available?
How accurate will the result be?
Can you get all materials you need?
Does it use your time effectively?

10 /3
9 /3
5 /3

Which is the best strategy?Number 3
Why do you think it is the best?Because  it go the right answer
I really like doing strategy because you can find different things and Inchs

Friday, 4 July 2014

Argo Float

Here is a presentation about an Argo Float. I hope you enjoy and learn something about an Argo.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Ratio Pronblem

So I did 7 space 42 and under the 7 is 2 and 14 under the 42.    

       7 : 42
x14 2 : 14   x14

And the answer is 14

Here is a problem I have solved and please leave a comment

Super Hero Paragraph

Hi my name is Alice Jones and I am 18 years old but people don’t know that I have secret abilities. When I was little I dreamed that I would have powers, when I grew up and it came true! The powers I got was invisibility, super speed and magic. On secret missions people think I'm an ordinary girl but have got powers.

One day I was walking in a dark valley when I saw people fighting and I had to do something about it. I displayed my powers to the neighborhood. Some people began to call me Mystery Woman.

Last week aliens took over the world. I, the mystery woman, had to use all of my superpowers to save it. The Invisibility was to get in front of aliens, super speed was when aliens ran away and magic was for stopping their attack. What I didn't expect was when the aliens captured my family and took them back to their ship!

When I creep slowly in the aliens ship I heard my sisters voice so I ran to the room she was in and I took my family back and then I had  ended the aliens with my super Powers. So we lived happily ever after.

Today we got to write 4 paragraphs about a super hero we made up. This is my paragraph that I have written.